Special Event Photography

Special Event Photographer

Special Event PhotographerOne of the things I have learned over time is that the person behind the camera usually misses out on the special events in life.  There is something special about ‘being present’ during touching moments – being able to look someone in the eye when they glance your way. Perhaps they are looking for support or encouragement, or are simply looking for someone with whom to share the moment.  Being focused on the photograph removes the person’s ability to engage with others, to share in the emotion and mood of the event, and to share in how others are feeling or responding to the people and events around them.  Hiring a photographer to come to your special event allows you to be present to others and live the moment, while keeping your memories alive!

Special Event PhotographerAt other special events, such as fundraisers, conventions, galas and parties, hiring a photographer is a great way to ensure that everyone can relax and enjoy themselves, while knowing that the memories of the event will be captured for later.  Photos are great additions to newsletters, magazines, facebook pages, reports and even to honor guests and donors with their own personalized photo!  Event coordinators may want to keep photos of the décor, table settings, meals, prizes, auction items, guests and entertainment, all for their records and for future reference.


For all of your special event photography needs, please contact:  Bill Pringle Photography