Wildlife Photography

wildlife photographerMy wife says that I suit the outdoors and the outdoors suits me.  That is so true!  I am never so at home as when I am surrounded by nature.  I enjoy spending many long hours huddled outside a fox den waiting patiently with my camera for a fox to peek out around the corner, or camped below an osprey’s nest for days at a time waiting for that perfect pose.

Every spring I take my camera out hunting for bears coming out of hibernation before the tourists descend upon the mountain attractions, or to catch the flowers at their peak bloom.  Every season of the year has something unique to offer to a nature photographer, which is why being an outdoorsman is to my advantage!

Owls and eagles, blue herons and marmots, butterflies and mountain sheep…a nature photographer must love simply being with nature since a great deal of patience is required to obtain just the right photo!  These are always exciting moments for me!

These nature and wildlife photos are available for purchase…so browse them…enjoy them…and to purchase any nature or wildlife photos, please contact me!


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